May the horizon never look so broken again

Alterians and Terrans. Two civilizations once united under the common banner of human’s survival now battle each other ferociously. Let the memoires guide you and begin your quest to uncovering the hidden truth behind this centuries long conflict.

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Updates on the horizon

Here at Aykiro we are gamers at hearth. The fallen horizon you are enjoying right now is but a mere starting point towards the grander vision and ultimate experience we would ultimately like to offer you.

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A New Horizon

The journey has been long and the horizon looked farther then ever but we are now proud to start taking the planet by storm with you thanks to our first studio’s creation. Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon is now out on limited release for Google Play on all android devices.

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300 years of collective AAA game development expertise, top level management, raw talent and an infinite passion for gaming. That’s the recipe we decided to implement since 2015 in order to achieve the one and only goal we were genetically engineered to achieve: provide our players with a galaxy of entertainment by designing and developing mobile games they will truly love. Join the ranks and storm the planet with us.

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